Monthly Archives: February 2018

Too Much Stuff? Techniques for Selling On-line (quickly)!!

Now that the cold is keeping us indoors more; do you ever look around your home & think; I have too much stuff!? I know we do!  Between Christmas gifts & the stuff that’s been there for…ever; do you have space for it all? We sure don’t!  & while you’re looking, are you seeing items you haven’t used in years?  Us too! If you’re ready to purge, there are lots of options… but since my blog is partially about money, let’s talk about how we can make some…

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~Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Whole Family~

*Contains Affiliate Link* February 14th is fast approaching!! Do you feel stumped on what to do for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day? I say loved ones because if you have children, it’s nice to do something for them & maybe your parents, a good friend etc.. I know, it can get costly – even your basic greeting card is getting expensive! No matter what you think of Valentine’s Day, you’ve got to admit, the sentiment is nice! Let’s explore some ways to let those special people in our lives know we care, without breaking the…

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