About Me

I’m Heather, welcome to my blog site!

My husband & I just started life as “older” parents about 3 years ago!  I made the decision to stay home until my son starts school.  I thoroughly enjoy my days as a stay at home mom; definitely the best years of my life!

Being home & particularly living on one income; it felt like a natural fit to blog about money.  We’ve certainly become better at budgeting & it’s really made us realize what’s important in life.  There is still room for improvement but we’ve definitely learned to live more simply!

I have a background in Social Services, Interior Design & I’m currently studying Image Consulting (hence the Image portion of my blog) but I didn’t want to stop there. I have a personal interest in helping others gain/regain their confidence!

For hobbies (besides blogging) every day at nap time you can find me singing & playing guitar to my little captive audience! Who knew being a mom would help keep my fingers calloused;)

Thanks for visiting & being a part of my blogging journey!